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The capacity factor at the 245 MW pulverized coal fired Logan Generating Plant significantly declined over ten years. Consequently, compromised operations distracted personnel from critical safety, reliability and efficiency in plant operations.

Primex was engaged to develop new technology, upgrade existing technology, provide comprehensive education, and initiate an incentive program.

Results and success factors included a collaborative program structure, improved scrubber performance, reduction in manual control interventions, lime consumption, flyash production, operator workload, and maintenance tasks.

Implementing these initiatives, setting clear goals and accountability expectations plus applying Primex HE-V5 Approach Temperature Control Technology have resulted in LGP operating one of the most efficient dry scrubbers in the country.

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The Logan Generating Plant (LGP) is a 245 MW pulverized coal fired unit located in Swedesboro, New Jersey. LGP is equipped with a dry flue gas desulfurization (DFGD) system including onsite reagent preparation equipment, spray dry absorbers and rotary atomizers. Like many coal-fired generating facilities, LGP was designed for base load operation however the plant now operates primarily at minimum load with occasional transient cycles. Initial problems related to cycling included unstable process control, excessive lime consumption, flyash accumulation and handling challenges. These issues distracted personnel from important tasks affecting safety, reliability and efficiency.


LGP engaged Primex to help optimize scrubber performance for low and transient load conditions. Primex developed new technology to measure and control flue gas humidity , while existing technology was upgraded to improve safety, reliability and efficiency. To further ensure best practices, plant personnel received comprehensive education in performance optimization principles and an incentive program was initiated to recognize and reward progress.


Flue gas humidity control dramatically improved scrubber performance outcomes at LGP at all load conditions and performance is steadily improving. Currently, manual control interventions have been significantly reduced and LGP now operates one of the most efficient dry scrubbers in the country. Lime consumption has been reduced by 20% with related reduction in flyash production, operator workload, and maintenance tasks.


A series of factors contributed to overall improvements initiated by Primex. A collaborative program structure with senior management sponsorship, setting clear goals, expectations of accountability, and applying Primex HE-V5 Approach Temperature Control Technology. Optimal results were achieved through continuous performance measurement, progress toward goals, education, and incentive recognition.

“As facilities continue to restructure and accomplish more with fewer resources, Primex is a perfect fit for ensuring process safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. Primex is an important part of our team with great knowledge and communication skills that add value from top to bottom at our facility. Partnering with Primex has allowed our facility to be the best in the business.”

– Jim Apostolico, LGP Plant Manager