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Use Training and Education to:

  • Increase Operations and Maintenance personnel confidence and competence
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of best practices
  • Manage knowledge to create a legacy for future generations of plant personnel
  • Decrease operating cost and increase safety


Machine Learning for Power Plant Managers

Primex presents a series of four webinars to help power plant managers understand machine-learning basics and how this rapidly evolving technology can improve power plant availability, capacity, and efficiency. Each webinar will include a 30-minute live presentation followed by Q&A with audience members.

Webinar 1 – Introduction to Machine Learning and Power Plant Use Cases
Discover how machine learning works, how it differs from AI and an overview of how it can (and cannot) be used in the power plant environment to improve availability, capacity, and efficiency.

Webinar 2 – Power Plant Machine-Learning Use Case #1: Generation Monitoring and Diagnostics
Combined with human expertise, machine-learning can transform asset productivity and value. Attend this webinar to learn how this rapidly evolving technology accelerates recognition, quantification, and realization of high-level performance improvement opportunities.

Webinar 3 – Power Plant Machine-Learning Use Case #2: Capacity and Fuel Demand Forecasting
Accurately predicting the future has always been valuable. Learn how managers responsible for generation assets bidding into day-ahead merchant markets can realize greater accuracy in daily forecasts of capacity and (for some) fuel consumption with machine-learning.

Webinar 4 – Power Plant Machine-Learning Use Case #3: Performance Testing and Guarantee Validation
Making investment decisions and quantifying value around generating unit upgrades or repairs can be tricky business. Discover how machine-learning helps untangle performance data to gain accuracy and confidence in test results for comparison with supplier performance guarantees, asset valuation and vendor compensation.

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