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Performance Assurance


Designed for key decision-makers in generation asset management and operations roles, Primex Performance Assurance services combine human expertise with machine learning technology in new ways that transform asset productivity and value.

Performance Assurance services:

Generation Monitoring and Diagnostics (GMD)

Primex GMD services leverage ML technology and process expertise to accelerate recognition, quantification and realization of high-level performance improvement opportunities.  GMD features include:

  • Performance Dashboard:  High-level plant KPI metrics are compared to ML-generated baseline (expected) performance in capacity and heat rate of the entire plant and sub-systems including combustion and steam turbine generators and HRSGs.  Previously undetectable performance anomalies are quickly detected, quantified and reported to plant personnel.
  • Expert Diagnostics: Performance anomalies are detected by abnormal and persistent deviation from baseline (expected) performance. When an anomaly is detected, Primex GMD services provide three levels of diagnostic support:
    Level 1 – Customized Anomaly Diagnostic Flowchart (compiled initially based on historical maintenance data and updated quarterly)
    Level 2 – Remote “hotline” access to diagnostic expertise
    Level 3 – On-site diagnostic expertise

GMD Benefits

  • Increase performance confidence: ML-generated performance metrics provide precise, real-time understanding of current asset performance relative to baseline.
  • Accelerate quality decision making:  Performance opportunities are identified in near real-time to accelerate quality decision-making and reduce both response time and cost.
  • Accelerate diagnostics and problem solving: Immediately tap into Primex’s expert diagnostic resources to reduce problem duration, severity and cost.

Capacity and Fuel Demand Forecasting (CFF)

Primex CFF services leverage ML technology to produce capacity and fuel demand forecasts with unprecedented accuracy for generating assets operating in day-ahead merchant markets .  CFF features include:

  • Plant characteristics are modeled daily to optimize accuracy based on current performance characteristics. Each daily forecast includes hourly capacity and fuel burn for 72 hours beginning at 01:00 the following day. Capacity data is provided by 08:30 each day in client-specified daily declaration format.
  • Forecasting Performance Report – provided quarterly, Primex CFF services include a summary of actual vs. forecast capacity and fuel demand.

CFF Benefits

  • Reduce losses due to forecast errors during adverse day-ahead vs. real-time price spreads.
  • Increase accuracy of fuel demand forecasts to maximize the flexibility and value of energy management decisions.
  • Eliminate manual wrangling of weather forecasts and other activities to calculate, check, and distribute daily declarations.

Performance Guarantee Validation (PGV)

PGV services leverage ML technology to validate performance test results relating to major overhauls, upgrades and degradation rates. Results enable performance benchmarking and comparison across a wide range of operating/test conditions with unprecedented precision and confidence.

PGV Benefits

  • Increase test period flexibility (months vs. hours).
  • Decrease result uncertainty / increase confidence.
  • Independent validation of contract compliance.
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